Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hello again!

I decided to split off my scrapbooking to a separate blog, since my original was chosen without scrapping in mind.

If you're puzzled by the weird title - I'd hoped to do something involving scrapbooking and night, but everything I thought of was already in use.  I thought latin might be the way to go, but of course it had no word for scrapbooking. So my title (hopefully) means "Cut and Paste the Night"  if I got the grammar correct.

If you've wandered in, could you take a second to leave a comment? I'd like to know if anyone's reading this, and also - would you want a music widget on here, if it was easy to find and turn off the music? (I get frustrated by the ones I can't turn off when I have other music playing).


Now to try to do something about prettying the place up!

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