Sunday, December 21, 2008

Here's the December crop of layouts I've been working on (and a few more from November):

My daughter Bethia, looking like an Ice Queen. Done with NBK's Doodle Di Dei kit.

Next, a layout using SkrapperDigital's Magesty kit. The photo? Me. The font used is BD Renaissance.

Here's another layout featuring my daughter, made with Boo's April Clair kit:

For November's ATC challenge at SAS, I did a layout featuring my uncle Walt Weispfenning, who was a WWII veteran and hero. I used Miss Crow's Liberty kit (no longer available) and the Freedom alpha by Amy Teets:

This one's called "The Groom Awaits" and was made with CathyC's In My Life kit:

Also with the same kit, The Women who Made Me. The font in this one is Scriptina:

This one was done for the November Color Challenge at Stone Accents Studio. The kit is Boo's Color Challenge kit, the paper scrap is by Lilou, whose website has vanished, and the pink jewel and doubloons by Kyra of With a Russian-Dutch Heart.

And I think that's a wrap for this post. Leave a comment, let me know if you're reading me?

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